The Bangladesh Human Rights Coalition was set up as a direct response to the countless human rights violations committed in Bangladesh. These range from the ever increasing number of people killed as a result of torture and abuse under the watch of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), the systematic abuse of the indigenous population of the Chittagong Hill tracts by the Bangladesh Military, the discrimination of non-Muslims in Bangladesh and the intimidation of Human rights defenders and journalists by wings of the Bangladeshi government.

Current Campaigns

Justice for Rizwan Hussain

Barrister, presenter, community worker, RIZWAN HUSSAIN was assaulted and tortured by Bangladeshi military officials.

He was beaten for over an hour by five soldiers – his whole body battered, he was left heavily bruised, with his left arm and one of his legs broken. Threat of further attacks were made until he signed a declaration claiming that he was illegally trafficking humans and that he falsely claimed to be a Barrister. When he pleaded with them for water, they threw it over the floor and told him to drink it from the ground.

Working alongside Muslim Aid, RIZWAN HUSSAIN was in Bangladesh helping regenerate the areas devastated by Cyclone Sidr.

An online petition has been set up:


BHRC are asking for:

1. An independent enquiry into the matter.

2. An apology from the military for the barbaric actions of their personnel.

3. An apology from the Caretaker Government for failing to prevent the injustice suffered by this high profile philanthropist.

4. The trial and dismissal of the officers involved in the incident, upon their conviction.

Campaign ended in December 2008

The outcome from  General Court Martial, received on the 7th of October 2008 has been the following :

1. Anwaar – jailed for 8 months

2. Delwaar – jailed for 5 months and dismissed from BAF job.

3. Saifur – jailed for 5 months and demoted.

4. Mojeeb – jailed for 5 months.

Rizwan has returned to his charity work and is recovering well. The outcome of the trial is mediocre, andVoice for Justice continue to handle the campaign.